Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hahaaha Hihihihi Hohoho..

Finding the humor in life's challenges, and particularly as it relates to the chronic illness, is what helps us to get through the day, reminds us of life's absurdities, and provides relief from the stress and strain of our treatments.

If you have been feeling sad or low, perhaps it is time to search for the humor in your life. In fact, the secret to a happy, joyful life is as simple as A, B, C ?
Attitude is the key- be positive!
Believe in yourself- that you will get through your adversity.
Cheer others with your sunny disposition.
Donate your time to those less fortunate.
Eat dessert first!
Find a humor buddy to exchange jokes with.
Give the gift of laughter.
Ha ha, ho ho, hee hee. Tickle your funny bone.
Invite your friends over for a celebration.
Join a support group.
Keep your spirits up.
Laugh at least twelve times daily!
Make a journal of all the funny experiences you've had.
Nurse yourself with special treats every day.
Order something whimsical from a catalog.
Pursue a passion- something you have always wanted to do.
Quit that bad habit today!
Read a humorous book.
Smile at everyone you pass by.
Talk to an old friend you have not heard from in ages.
Upbeat books, tapes and videos can cheer you.
Visit your relatives- even the ones who annoy you.
Write thank you notes to your caregivers.
Xercise daily.
Yes I Can are words to repeat every day.
Zzzzz?get plenty of rest to be your best!

Christine Clifford Beckwith, Professional Speaker, is President/CEO of The Cancer Club, a company designed to sell humorous and helpful products for people with cancer. She is the author of five books including her newest book, Your Guardian Angel's Gift (Bronze Bow Publishing, 2005). You can reach Christine at (952)944-0639, email her at: or visit her web site at: Don't forget to laugh! TM

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