Sunday, August 31, 2008

Siti Aniroh wants cancer survivors to be brave and smart

A lawyer asked his client: "Now that you have been acquitted, will you tell me truthfully? Did you steal the car?"

"After hearing your amazing argument in court this morning, I'm beginning to think I didn't," the client replied.

Although this is a lawyer joke, such an exchange would not be so out of place in the real world. After all, it's easier to find bad lawyers than good lawyers. Lawyers, as well as police, judges and prosecutors, have poor images in this country. So, when Siti Aniroh was diagnosed with cancer last year, some people related it to her being a lawyer.

"When I got cancer, many said: 'That's because you didn't earn your money in a righteous way -- that's why you have the disease'," said the 32-year-old, who became a lawyer after she graduated from law school 11 years ago.

She felt as if people were accusing her of distorting facts, making false testimonies and making money unlawfully.

"I felt so bad. I can't deny that many of my friends might do that, but thank God, I didn't," she said. She later quit her job, not because of public criticism, but out of love of her family.

It was her husband, Iwan Setiyawan, who suggested she resign so she could have more time to herself and with their only child, Awan Cahya Aditya.

Ani said he had asked her to resign long before she became sick and that they had often argued over the matter. "I learned a lot from him. He knew that I was stressed out at work. I know he wants the best for me," she said.

"I am fully aware that it is really hard for a lawyer to uphold idealism. I decided to resign being fully aware (of my decision). I longer need (professional) status. I don't need to pursue material wealth.

"Maybe it is time for me to do good things for others without expecting anything in return. God willing, He will give me prosperity in other areas," said Ani, who is now an active member of the Cancer Information and Support Center (CISC).

Ani first felt the lump in her left breast in March 2006. Her tiring journey to find the right doctor and her experiences in fighting cancer are journaled in her recently published book No one is happy to have cancer, be brave and smart.

Being outspoken, she strongly criticized doctors who showed little empathy toward patients or treated them rudely -- a bitter reality the Indonesian medical world currently faces.

Instead of accepting her criticism, a doctor who was upset by her book said Ani was just trying to justify her own foolishness through her writing.

Even though it is hard to find books on breast cancer in local bookstores, Ani said no publisher wanted hers. Eventually, she gave the softcopy to a publisher and was told: "We have hundreds of books to publish and they are more interesting ... If you want, you can wait."

A brave, smart, determined and persistent young woman, Ani published the book independently with support from her family and friends, including those from the CISC.

Throughout her illness, she has received support from the CISC, and was eventually invited to become a volunteer.

"The CISC is colorful ... there, information is flowing, and there are valuable lessons about life you'd never find in any school," she said.

During the group's gathering, members discuss many things besides cancer and also take part in recreational activities, including dancing and singing.

Ani speaks about cancer whenever a suitable occasion arises, including on the radio and at a local women's Koran reading class.

To maintain her health, the cheerful woman eats healthy food and practices meditation and yoga at least three times a week at home.

Yoga helps strengthen the mind as well as the body -- both of which are crucial in defeating cancer.

She also loves gardening, which is known to be therapeutic for cancer sufferers. The patience required in gardening helps a sufferer strengthen his resolve in coping with chemotherapy treatment and unfriendly doctors.

Besides, watching plants grow can inspire cancer patients to live.

Ani was born on Sep.7, 1977, in Cilacap, Central Java, and went to a high school in Yogyakarta. She studied law at the Indonesian Islamic University, where she majored in corporate and banking law. She moved to Jakarta in 1988 upon graduating.

When she was a child, Ani wanted to become an agriculture engineer because her father was a farmer, and was also interested in becoming an accountant as her mother worked as a trader.

She studied law "by accident" because it was the only department which accepted her after she failed in her enrollment tests in several other places.

"So I just let it flow," said Ani.

And she also lets her life flow. She is steadfast in her fight against cancer.


Elyani said...


Penerbit yg nolak tulisan Siti Aniroh kok nyebelin gitu ya ngomongnya. Coba kalau yg nulis buku tersebut misalnya Sandra Dewi atau Agnes Monica. Gak usah repot2 cari penerbit, sebentar juga pasti banyak yg menawarkan. Yg bikin kesal masa buku penting seperti ini malah kalah sama buku2 resep yg selalu dipajang paling depan. Aku juga suka beli buku resep, tapi buku lain juga kan berhak mendapat tempat.

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